Who We Are


Who We Are

  • The Retired Teachers of Ontario ~ les enseignantes et enseignants retraités de l'Ontario.

  • The official voice for all retired Ontario teachers. A voluntary organization of over 63 000 retired Ontario educators.

What We Do

  • Monitor pension legislation, providing input on proposed changes and recommending improvements, e.g. indexing of pensions (1975); adjustments to low pensions (1988); the Social Contract (1993); triennial pension improvement negotiations, with OTF, (1993, 1996, 1999, etc.).

  • Provide health and other insurance benefits such as no-deductible Extended Health Care, travel while outside Ontario, vision, dental, auto and home insurance.

  • Advocate and take political action on behalf of retired teachers on issues such as health care, education, services for seniors, energy and the environment.

  • Publish Renaissance, a quarterly magazine for members

  • Offer a travel program for members and friends.

  • Provide over 45 Fact Sheets containing helpful information specifically for retired Ontario teachers.

  • Offer support and financial assistance to members in need.